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When you stand in your leadership, do you:

    • Have a message that is congruent with your values and the organization’s goals?
    • Engage your stakeholders collaboratively and constructively?
    • Communicate with consistency and power?
    • Know what you stand for and respect the stance of others?
    • Empower your workforce and focus on your best use as a leader?

We’ll work with you in the way that is most appropriate for your needs – individual coaching, team coaching and workshops in person and virtually.

Our coaching programs include:

    • Videotaping at the start and conclusion of the engagement to assess the client’s communication strengths and opportunities and assess progress
    • Conduct stakeholder interviews to understand the impact of the leader’s communication within their sphere of influence
    • Co-create a development plan based on the client’s goals
    • Coach based on the client’s stated goals

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