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Loretta CooperLoretta Cooper is an executive coach specializing in media relations, crisis communications and presentation skills. Loretta engages client organizations on multiple levels; leading workshops, facilitating small group conversations and conducting one on one executive coaching sessions.

A former ABC News correspondent (aka Lauren Rogers), Loretta is the recipient of the prestigious DuPont Columbia Award for Excellence in Journalism, the Edward R. Murrow Award for Outstanding Reporting, and has been recognized by the National Academy for Television Arts and Sciences.

Loretta’s clients include multiple federal agencies including The Department of Treasury, The Central Intelligence Agency and The Federal Aviation Administration.  She is one of only two consultants nationally selected to train and equip air traffic controllers preparing for management positions through the Air Traffic Leadership Development Program.

Her non- governmental projects include an emphasis in higher education and science including work for The International Scholars Program at Georgetown University, The BioLogos Foundation, and The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion at Oxford University, and The International Justice Mission.

Born and raised in Arizona, Loretta earned her Bachelor’s degree from Anderson University and pursued graduate studies in American Intellectual History at George Mason University.  She received her certification as a leadership coach through Georgetown University’s Institute for Transformational Leadership.


"Loretta is a phenomenal media expert. In a recent project, we asked Loretta to serve as host for a new TV series we produced and she did a great job. Our cameraman and director, himself a 25-year veteran of television production in the Washington DC area, stated: "Loretta is the only broadcast personality I have ever worked with where the first take is right on and it just gets better with each additional take." Her work is solid and creative, as well as extremely easy to watch or listen to. I recommend her both as on-screen talent and as a coach for others who want to tell visual stories of any kind."

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