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What Our Clients Have to Say

About Lynne:

“Lynne succeeds, because Lynne is the best “listener” I’ve ever met.   She absorbs your thoughts, concerns, and questions – and applies her experience to help you find the right answers and direction.  She’s a leader.  More importantly, she’ll show you how to lead as well. Working with Lynne led me from a great job to my perfect job.”

Network Correspondent, Washington

“Lynne, with her objective viewpoint and experiential wisdom, was able to help me not only see ways in which to improve my day to day approach to effectively accomplishing my goals, but also helped me to begin compiling a long-range strategy that will enable me to continue to grow and mature as a member of my corporation on a long term path.”

Assistant to the president, Educational not-for-profit, Virginia

About Loretta:

“Loretta allowed me to ‘self realize’ causes and solutions that I would not have come to on my own.  She helped me get my confidence and swagger back during an extraordinarily challenging period.”

Federal Executive, Washington, DC

 About Clarice:

“I really appreciated and valued the coaching from Clarice. Today, our team has the highest employee satisfaction rating in the Bureau and the highest scores on the customer satisfaction survey. My coaching experience with Clarice enabled me to create a solid foundation of leadership for our new Division.”

Executive, Washington, DC

“The coaching I received on public speaking generated new insight for me in how effective I communicate.  I realize that not only does my appearance speak volumes, but also my communication style is just as important.   I have used lessons learned from this coaching to facilitate my professional development to perform at higher levels of leadership.”

Federal Executive, Washington, DC

Clarice is an exceptionally skilled executive coach. She combines experience and knowledge with a special ability to connect and understand her clients. She uses all of these tools to accurately assess and address the challenges that many leaders face. Working with Clarice enabled me to turn challenges into learning opportunities. She helped provide the context needed to operate at the highest level of effectiveness as a leader. She used warmth and compassion to deliver sometimes-difficult feedback…. Clarice’s support allowed me to achieve great success within my organization and move from function leader to division leader. I strongly recommend Clarice to any leader seeking to understand how to lead talented teams and understand how to maximize your ability and skills.”

Association Executive, Washington, DC

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