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clarice-scriber-blog-revisedTo those of you who are new to our website, welcome! To those of you who already know us, we’re glad you’re back. Whether you are new or returning, we hope you like our new look and that you take advantage of the resources we’re offering on the site.

We’re starting our blog to stay in touch with you, to share more about our philosophy and what’s up in the world of leadership communication. We’re looking forward to engaging into a meaningful dialogue with you about making the conversations you have with your stakeholders –colleagues, customers, family and friends— matter and that these conversations lead to deeper relationships and more productive outcomes.

From the time we awaken in the morning and greet our families to the time we say goodnight, we have hundreds of opportunities to engage in dialogue that counts. In hallway conversations, in meetings, at the water cooler, at the lunch table, in the board room, in that golf game with a customer, we’re wondering if you’re aware of how your conversations create relationships and shared meaning and how that meaning – the ideas, the plans, the agreements and the outcomes – impact your world and those who depend on you.

Communication is the foundation for building relationship and work. In this space, we’ll explore how you can become more present to the dialogues you have with co-workers, in teams and in community.

So, please join us in creating a dialogue that is meaningful and productive for you and for our readers. Tell us what you’re learning about yourself when you’re in conversation, and how you want to make your conversations work better for you and for those with whom you’re interacting.

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